Past Events - Easter 2015

Easter EGGStravORGANza and Easter Quiz Trail - Easter 2015

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Updated: 19th April 2015

Easter EGGStravORGANza - Monday 6th April 2015

There were many happy, smiling faces in St.James' Park to enjoy this year's Easter EGGStravORGANza event on Easter Monday.

The sun shone and the air was filled with wonderful organ music and the puffing of steam from scale model traction engines. Dave Clothier (a regular in the FoSJP Gardening Team) and his friends from the Fair Organ Preservation Society very generously donated their time and precious machines to entertain the folk of Shirley on a super springtime fun day.

There were six organs playing in the park: four McCarthy organs belonging to Dave Clothier, Anthony Hooker, and Pete Davey; a Truman organ belonging to Graham Kidd; and a Pell organ belonging to Anthony Hooker.

Three traction engines were also in the Park: a 3‑inch Burrell belonging to Dave Clothier and a 3‑inch Aveling / Porter belonging to Phil Clothier were both in steam and giving free rides to the younger children, while a 4‑inch Showmans belonging to Paul McCarthy, which would normally power Dave Clothier's fairground organ, was on static display as it was still awaiting a steam test.

A superb hand‑powered roundabout, belonging to Stuart Maggs, which was built in 1917 and lovingly restored to its original state, was still delighting the children of today almost 100 years on!

Outside St.James' Church, just across the road from the Park, Brian Rapley was playing his organ, while inside the Church four hand‑turned organs belonging to Nigel O'Shaughnessy were being played.

The exhibitors would like to thank FoSJP for allowing them to put on this event in such a perfect venue, and they hope to return next year.

Easter Quiz Trail - Friday 3rd to Monday 6th April 2015

In addition to the Easter Monday event, an Easter Quiz Trail, organised by Nigel Fayle (another regular in the FoSJP Gardening Team), ran throughout the Easter weekend, from Good Friday through to Easter Monday.

All photographs on this page courtesy of Nigel Fayle
Brian Rapley plays his organ outside St.James' Church, while Nigel O'Shaughnessy plays one of his hand‑turned organs inside
Hand‑powered roundabout - 98 years old and still giving pleasure to today's children!
Steaming up...
...a few final adjustments...
...and they're off, as Dave Clothier takes passengers for a free ride around the Park
Old transport technology versus new An unusual visitor to the Park!
The Easter Quiz Trail keeps everyone guessing Another bustling event at St.James' Park

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