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Tudor Costume Workshop - Saturday 15th September 2012

Updated: 20th September 2012

With Anne Boleyn‑style headdresses, flouncy sleeves, and ruff collars all made, Shirley folk were ready to join the procession and visit the "Olde Worlde" Michaelmas Fair during the events of Saturday 29th & Sunday 30th September, thanks to a Tudor Costume Workshop held at the ParkLife Community Room in St.James' Park.

This event was run by Dr Mary South from the Tudor Revels project, with textile design expertise from Jason Butler from the University of Southampton.

To find out about the events happening across Southampton to celebrate the re‑opening of the Tudor House Museum, visit the Tudor Revels project website, or pick up a leaflet at the ParkLife Café, the Shirley Parish Office, or various locations across the city.

Photographs by Michaela Lawler‑Levene

Tudor Revels Michaelmas Fair - Sunday 30th September 2012

Updated: 24th November 2012

Here are some of our Tudor Costume Workshop participants displaying their costumes and accessories at the Michaelmas "Procession of St.Ledger":

Michaela Lawler‑Levene and Myleeta Wilkins

Henry Wilkins, combining his music skills
and history, as a Tudor drummer boy

Photographs by Cheryl Butler

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